Monday, October 09, 2006

back to school

The long holiday has gone, everyone back to normal working and studying. I've got 12 days free for the holiday in fact, so there is a little strange after the real "long" holiday.

I think I'm not ready for the tense study as I expect, when I open the book with 1000 pages, I feel weak, just wanna got a short sleep. It is dangerous to me, time waits for no man. I close my eys, I even see a imagination that I'm disappearing gradually by time fool away.

There is only one sound revolved clearly in my head--No one can save me, except myself...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Got my FIRST business SUIT

On the first day of the long holiday, I've got my first business suit. How exciting am I!
I dreamed it for a long time, it's a new flag. As I said, make myself become a new man gradually.

Weared my new suit, I can stop myself taking some photos, post to wenwen with a short postscript:"you can not withstand my handsome"

I also bought a new shoes for dad, the only regret is that we haven't found a suitable woman's bag for mama. We'll be back tomorrow, we must get one for our next shopping. This is my second time bought adult gift for parents. I'm growing up, I want they know hwo I love them.
Family, always be my most important fortune in my life.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

National day is coming

Oct 1st, a big day to every chinese peopele, the second very holiday in law during the year is coming. 57 years ago, martyrs fought to dealth for the new country, 57 years later, we enjoy our 7 days long-holiday.

In fact, my holiday begins from 2 days ago, I came to XT for a surprise. When we was going to took bus back to Changsha, I found there is no cash in our pocket. This is my second time use out all my money for the XT trip. I wonder how she lives if I haven't got there.

I received my first request fund by my HK account, it takes me 7 work days. Have a glance at my calendar, I feel a little pity that I haven't took all my money back once. My cautious behavior leads me in low water in the first 4 days of the long holiday. And, the amount is much less than I expect before, I have to re-plan for my next steps.

PS:a little good news, I got some hint about my web design project. Expect for further progress in tomorrow.